Our Story

The concept of FeedMeOnline was born in Leeds in picturesque Yorkshire and after two years of development our dream became a reality in March 2010 with our very first takeaway Pitza Cano signing up (Thanks Guys!). FeedMeOnline was created out of a desire to offer a takeaway ordering system to the United Kingdom with two key principles.

  • The first was that FeedMeOnline would not charge any commission to any of its members using our service. This ranges from the restaurant and takeaway owners to the customers ordering delicious food through our site.

  • And the second (super important!) principle is our focus on discounts for customers. We wanted to offer something that no one else did so we decided that there would be a minimum 3% discount, not just on your first order but on every order, every time!
We believe this concept is completely unique and unlike any other takeaway ordering system who charge a premium to their users. It's through the support of restaurants and takeaway owners who believe in our concept and our customers which enables us to grow, improve and continue to offer you discounts on every order you make.

Why We Are Different

It's simple! We put our takeaways and their customers first. Working closely with the takeaways we help them maximise their potential, and in turn, they provide their customers with discounts.

We aim to bring communities together and with our new 'discount donator' you will soon be able to reach out and help people in your local area.

Our Vision:

To deliver an exclusive takeaway ordering system with a commitment to both our customers and the restaurants and takeaways themselves.